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The most important facts about LVT

An incredibly advantageous floor covering, LVT (luxury vinyl tile) has much to offer to both homeowners and business owners alike. Not only does it make the space into which it’s installed look amazing, but it brings a vast number of benefits that make it well worth a little extra research. Easily one of the most popular materials for homeowners around the country, let’s look at some of the things that make it so.

At NCF Distributors, we proudly serve the areas of Miami, Broward, West Palm Beach, MonroeCounty, and The Keys. We are a leading flooring distributor in South Florida that supplies all the latest trends for our authorized dealers, whom we believe to be our greatest asset. When you contact us, you’ll find out associates with specific expertise in flooring that can answer any of your questions and help you find those hard-to-find pieces. Be sure to visit us today with all your flooring needs.

LVT is easily one of the most durable flooring materials of its kind on the market today. It’s perfect for even the most high-traffic locations, resisting scuffs and scratches and never requiring refinishing or resealing. It keeps on performing and looking great, not just for years, but for decades. It’s also very resilient, allowing it to take on years of wear and still look wonderful, even in hallways and entrances. You’ll really appreciate this if you have children and pets, who really tend to wear down a floor covering over time.

Almost everyone knows how valuable solid hardwood flooring is to the value of your home, but did you know that LVT also increases that value? If you have any intention of selling your home, this is an excellent option for flooring that will allow you to make good on your investment at the final sale. Using designs that replicate the look of all-natural stone or marble can make it even more valuable, especially for those looking for a truly elegant and timeless appearance.

Why choose NCF Distributors luxury vinyl flooring

WPC (Wood Polymer Composites) is a human developed material used in a variety of applications ranging from construction and automotive sectors to consumer goods. SPC (Stone Polymer Compotes) vinyl is an engineered luxury vinyl that combines limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely durable core There are tons of benefits of choosing these types of flooring. With proper installation, these planks will last a great time and the end user will be able to enjoy the features of these Luxury Vinyl Waterproof Planks. Some of these features are as follows:
  • 100% Waterproof– These types of planks are 100% water resistant because of the structure of the plank layers, water is not absorbed and thus their lifespan increases. There is no swelling, peeling or ripples when exposed to water.
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant– Such planks are resistant to mold and mildew as well besides being waterproof.
  • Cancels out odor– no odor will be left behind on any liquid spill or liquid accident making it kid and pet-friendly flooring.
  • Scratch Resistant– One of the best benefits of the planks we are offering is that they are scratch resistant due to the 20mil wear layer these planks are produced with making parents and pet owners happy.
  • Realistic Wood Texture– For those who like the look of wooden flooring, these planks offer the exact texture and will give you the feel of a wood floor at a lesser price.
  • Less Maintenance– this flooring requires low maintenance. By sweeping on a regular basis you will help keep the debris such as dirt and dust off which prevents possible scratch to the planks.
  • Easy Installation– the planks are produced with the click system, one of the best and simplest locking systems on the market making it DIY lovers favorite.
  • Noise Reduction– they will reduce the noise in the room to a big extent.
  • Rigid Core – this part of the plank helps to secrete the subfloor imperfections and makes the plank waterproof
  • Can resist high traffic areas– thick vinyl plank + thick wear layer = higher quality. The typical plank thickness options are 2mm – 8mm and the typical wear layer options are 2mil – 22mil. Our planks range from 5.5mm – 8.5mm with 20 mil wear layer.
  • Thick vinyl plank– 5mm planks are highly dense, covers imperfect subfloors, comfortable to lay on and to stand on for a long period of time, long lifespan and more.
  • Thick wear layer– The wear layer is known as the “bodyguard” of the plank and as no bodyguard is perfect, this one is one of the strongest. With 20mil wear layer, the planks are rated for commercial use giving the user a piece of mind of the quality of the floors. It is one of the highest qualities of the high-quality vinyl floor series.
  • Can be installed in any room and grade level– Saunas, laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, basements, upstairs, downstairs and the list continues. Where usually laminate or carpet flooring can’t go, our luxury vinyl floor series can!
  • Plank can be easily replaced– These planks are not perfect and just like every other type of flooring there is a possibility of damage and if that was to occur, the plank(s) can be easily pulled out and the new plank(s) can be simply reinstalled due to the uniclic patented technology.
  • Fun pattern options– chevron, herringbone, diagonal, mixed. The planks come in different sizes color series and texture.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Florida Keys, FL from NCF Distributors
In the event that your LVT is ever damaged, the good news is that it’s easy to repair. Since this flooring comes in pieces, either planks or tiles, it’s easy to simply take up the damaged piece, or pieces, replace them and enjoy a like-new look once again. Better still, the process is a quick one, with easy removal and installation.