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NCF Distributors is dedicated to revolving around our core values. Innovation is our success key. We constantly are trying new color schemes and designs that can add value to the floors and rooms. We are constantly expanding our services and we intend to introduce more in the future. As a dealer of ours we want to assist you with your Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring needs, therefore, we offer color matching services for big projects. We can provide special orders on colors that are not in our collections along with other features such as backing underlayments, sizes, textures, installations and more.

By maintaining high standards of quality and service, we make sure that our accounts base increases by keeping our inventory stocked to the best of our ability of high-quality products only, unbelievable pricing plus professional customer service. We are making sure that our authorized dealers have access to us easily and that is why we are available on most social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can follow us to keep yourself updated on all the latest news and happenings going on with NCF Distributors and all our collections.

Benefits of choosing NCF Distributors

Our team is dedicated to assisting clients like partners and we are dedicated to developing healthier relationships with rich service quality. At NCF Distributors, you will be able to get everything as per your need to satisfy your needs. We believe in quality and that is why we offer deals with thicker vinyl, thick wear layer and you will get all this with a reasonable price range.

  • We are not only limited to selling our products to the retailers and dealers but at the same time, we share our years of experience with them to close sales much efficiently.
  • The experienced professionals at NCF Distributors will assist all dealers to develop strategies for presenting the flooring material in the best possible manner so that sales can be closed fast.
  • The expert tricks can help our clients to improve their sales and naturally it will improve their profits.
  • We work for the success of our business partners and value their growth. As we are connected to the factory so we have many varieties of floor covering options that can meet the competitive demands rising from the market.
  • Retailers and Dealers, who have to achieve their long-term financial goals while adapting the changing factors of the business segment, can boost their profits with our localized and professional services.
  • Our service terminal is easily accessible and we ensure technology-driven classic services that can meet all your expectations with ease.
  • Our team of experts is ready to beat all market challenges and we are always ready to support our clients with the best products and incredible growth tips.

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