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Some very important factors regarding WPC flooring

WPC flooring, short for “wood plastic composite” or “wood polymer composite”, has been around long enough that it seems everyone should know what it is, what it does, and where it can be best utilized. In fact, however, some homeowners may be completely unaware of the vast majority of benefits that come with the material. Because of that, it’s important to make sure to revisit attributes of this material that may seem like “old news”, just so everyone gets a chance to understand it.

NCF Distributors is proud to offer an excellent variety of materials and services to all our clients and authorized dealers. From our showroom in Miami, FL, we serve the areas of Miami, Broward, West Palm Beach, Monroe County, and The Keys, and we always have room to serve more. Our associates are friendly and very knowledgeable, so be sure to take advantage of all the expertise they’re willing to lend to your specific needs and visit us today.

You might hear a variety of questions from customers concerning this flooring, with one of the most-asked being: “What exactly is WPC anyway?” It’s important to stress that even though “wood” is the first word in the title, that doesn’t mean real wood products were used to create it. It’s actually constructed from wood flour (which is a byproduct of wood), calcium carbonate, and a variety of thermoplastics. The core material is extremely rigid, stable, and completely waterproof.

Some homeowners think this floor covering and LVT are the same product, but the differences found between the two can make a huge difference in the results after installation. For instance, LVT is thinner and more flexible than this one, and the unevenness in some subfloors will show through LVT in a short period of time. The rigid core found in WPC, in contrast, can hide many of those problem spaces, leaving you with a gorgeous waterproof floor covering.

In comparison with laminate, WPC has the advantage of being completely waterproof. That makes it a perfect fit for spaces where laminate could not be installed, such as basements or laundry rooms. Furthermore, with this material, there’s no need for the required expansion gap, at 30-foot intervals, in larger rooms. It’s also more comfortable, thanks to a bit of resilience, and helps reduce noise in busy homes where children, pets, and heavy traffic can make things very hectic.

Performance and environmental impact

We don’t want the environment to be harmed by any means; our philosophy is to protect the environment because we care about the future of humanity, and even though our products would be much cheaper if we didn’t care about the planet, that wouldn’t make us feel happy. We manufacture our products with an advanced technology and the highest standards of quality.

What we use in order to avoid pollution is the wood-plastic composites. So, what is this? The WPC is a human developed material that is currently being used in plenty of applications of different categories, anything from construction to the automobilist sector. Even a typical, normal car has been made with more than 10% of these components. Our product is produced with recycled wood and vinyl. It does not have phthalates which is commonly found in vinyl flooring.

WPC is not like the rest of the materials, it is not just another material, it is the material of the future, and their components are more than a 50% recyclable. These products are durable, have a very good quality and do not harm our environment.
WPCS are the combination of plastic and wood. Day by day these products are gaining popularity. This long-lasting material is used for outdoor decks, railing, window frames, and fences. These are safe and ecologically sustainable. Nowadays wood-plastic composites are found everywhere from our backyard to National Parks.
Walnut shells, ground oyster shells and rice hulls are used as fillers as they’re affordable, reducing the manufacturing cost and maintaining the quality at the same time. These materials have substituted inorganic materials like chalk and calcium carbonate for becoming more affordable in price. WPC is economically attractive for both manufacturers and consumers.

WPC is very promising as well as sustainable green material to attain durability without using any toxic material and chemical, thus making it environment-friendly. The base materials are forestry straw, waste plastics and other plant fiber without any extra harmful ingredients. Usage of environment-friendly material is getting more and more popular. A large percentage of WPC (50%-70%) is wood fiber that is environment-friendly.

Plastic fiber being less percentage and working as a base structure, plant fiber fills out the blanks that become stronger and stiffer, low cost, low CO2 emitting and biodegradable. The plastic out of WPC can be easily recycled. The usage of plastic fibers lessen a load of landfills from plastic junks, recycling them effectively. However, some WPC is built from biopolymer and wood fiber, making it more environment-friendly. Manufacturers are focused on the materials to be recyclable or biodegradable. The materials that are used are re-usable, recyclable for low energy.
Waterproof flooring in Miami, FL from NCF Distributors
WPC can be easily maintained, as it’s moisture and rot-resistant. WPC can be shaped in any shape and size according to need. The most significant feature is its durability. Even after using a long time, WPC guarantees its same characteristics as before. The wood fiber isn’t from cutting down trees either, they are the byproduct from agriculture and dust from sawmills.

WPC is the next generation building material, taking place of wood and plastic for being environment-friendly. It doesn’t get affected by natural elements. WPC is one of the many materials for the future. The atmosphere impact is nearly negligible as 100% of the product is renewable. New Centurion is a leading WPC provider in Miami Florida, opening up a new door for business. They’re proud to be a WPC seller, taking a part for making the world a better place to live.