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Why underlayment can be just as important as flooring

Before your customers can truly understand why underlayment is so incredibly important, they must first understand what it is and what it does. Constructed of different types of materials, including cement, wood, cork, or foam, the “right one” will be best determined by the subfloor onto which it’s being installed. But there’s a lot more to this important product than many might think, especially since it’s not visible after installation.

NCF Distributors proudly serves the areas of Miami, Broward, West Palm Beach, Monroe County, and The Keys, all from our Miami location. As a leading flooring distributor, we serve our authorized dealers with the finest craftsmanship and trending materials. We also employ associates who are experts in the field so as to be able to answer any questions you might have concerning our products. Feel free to visit us to get those answers for yourself today.

The idea of neglecting the possibility of an underlayment is one that many employ hoping to save a few dollars on the overall budget. However, the problems that can arise without it can be far more expensive to fix later on. For instance, imperfections in the subfloor can often press through your flooring without this material in between. Underlayments also add more stability, especially when installed in a perpendicular fashion. This extra strength is particularly beneficial, especially on the second floor of homes and businesses.

Another important benefit of underlayment is that it provides a better surface for flooring materials that are installed with adhesives to attach to. It also creates a layer of moisture control that can go a long way in providing protection against mold growth, especially for homes that are situated on a slab.

The kind of underlayment is chosen according to the advice of an experienced installer. For instance, a wood under is preferred for wood floors while cement board is perfect for porcelain tile floors. Cement is also great for bathrooms and kitchens, offering the best backing while also fending off mold growth. A cheaper alternative is foam or cork, but these are only slightly better than not having an under material at all. It’s soft enough to allow most imperfections to show through in just a short period of time and can feel too soft in certain situations. However, on a perfectly level surface with no imperfections, it can work well.

Sound out premium underlayment

NCF Distributors in-stock underlayment is the EVA 2mm Silent Sheet Roll. The underlayment is optional to use in most cases when installing. There are two types of laboratory sound tests performed in a controlled environment recognized by the International Building Code (IBC) for sound vibration that travels from one living area to another: Impact Insulation Class (IIC) and Sound Transmission Class (STC). IIC tests the ability to block impact sound by measuring the resistance to transmission of impact noise or structure-borne noise (simulating footfalls, objects dropped on the floor, etc.). STC evaluates the ability of a specific construction assembly to reduce airborne sounds, such as voices, stereo systems, and TV. Both tests involve a standardized noise-making apparatus in an upper chamber and a sound measuring system in a lower chamber.
Underlayment in Miami, FL area from NCF Distributors
Decibel measurements are taken at various specified frequencies in the lower chamber. Those readings are then combined using a mathematical formula to create a whole number representation of the test, the higher the number, the higher the resistance. Ratings of 50 or above for both the IIC and STC sound tests will satisfy the minimum requirements of the International Building Code. The Sound Out underlayment has an IIC Rating of 69 and an STC Rating of 65. The thickness is 2mm and each roll is 200 sqft weighing 8 lbs. For the best results when installing your floating floor, use Sound Out premium floor underlayment for sound dampening.

Needing something specific?

Our vinyl flooring is specifically designed to be laid right on the subflooring, making underlayment optional. However, there are some exceptions with the waterproof flooring installations. Remember, not all vinyl floorings are being installed in the same manner.

As a dealer of ours we want to assist you with your Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring needs, therefore, we offer color matching services for big projects plus exclusive color options for your own stock. In addition we can provide our dealers with other features: including underlayments - Cork, EVA, PVC, IXPE, or High Density EVA.

EVA Sheet


Cork Sheet


PVC Sheet