Being the Best – WPC

Using good quality materials on the floor is as important as adorning walls with wallpapers and use of marble and cabinets in the kitchen. The foundation material used in making a home should be of a strong and rigid material to give the home a solid backbone structure. WPC flooring planks (Wood-Plastic Composites) are one such material which acts as a strong base.

Alexandra- A Collection by New Centurion Flooring (NCF)

New Centurion Flooring presents WPC luxury vinyl flooring series to give floors of the home or office a unique and splendid look. This vinyl flooring series are equipped with click system and the installation procedure is also extremely easy. NCF has launched a collection which is called Alexandra which comes in 5 colors right now and 3 more colors will be launched soon. But wait there’s more!!! On top of that a new additional collection named Lucius will be making its debut with 8 more stunning colors very soon.

Features of WPC

The WPC planks features some amazing characteristics:

  • The UV coating on it gives it protection and makes it durable. The coating also makes the cleaning process quick and easy.
  • The Décor film on the planks gives it a spectacular look. (the look that catches everyone’s attention)
  • Another layering done in the planks is the PVC layer which gives these planks strength and stability making it super strong.
  • The WPC layer makes it waterproof and increases its overall strength.
  • The installation procedure is also easy and doesn’t require glue and adhesives with the click system technology.

With these five great features, WPC planks are the best floor solutions for the anywhere in the home and office. Optional matching waterproof moldings and underlayment are also available which can be bought and effortlessly installed.

WPC- A quality product

Invest in WPC as it is a reliable product and half of the materials that constitute WPC are recyclable products. So the materials used are eco-friendly. Moreover, the material is durable and won’t get worn out after a certain time. So overall, it is a promising product and is synonymous with both- quality and durability. Attributes like- Eva sheet, Cork sheet, and PVC sheet are also available which can be used for additional treatment for the WPC back.

Where can you find our product?

New Centurion Flooring is a distributor and we sell our product and other attributes to dealers. Information about Dealers who deals in our product can be found on the website.

You can contact us through email- or give us a call at (786) 391-1722. The representative will be more than glad to assist and direct you.