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Lucius Collection


Henna Victory 6011-4


Vivid Fortuna 8011-2


Trojan Slate 1104

These dark textured planks will be the ideal mix to any traditional setting. This gorgeous piece features a semi-dark and rustic wood feel, with the perfect wooden line and spots. They are designed to look and feel exactly like a classic rustic wooden floor. These add the perfect touch of elegance and design, and will make any room look more attractive.

Auburn Dynasty 6053-11

The Auburn Dynasty carries a touch of elegance with them, as these handsome plans offer a more goldish brown color, with hints of wooden lines and patches. These patches flow out through each plank flawlessly, and will help you add great texture to any traditional room. The Auburn Dynasty planks are designed keeping in mind traditional homes and office spaces that prefer a simple yet elegant feel.

Opaque Legion 6030-4

The Opaque Legion is the perfect touch of dark wood, which features deep wooden lines and a deep black and silverish color. These will fit perfectly in any lighter setting room, and give the place more feel and texture. The subtle flow of the patterns in the planks add a graceful touch to the planks. If you are looking for the perfect dark textures of wooden floors, then the Opaque Legion is the best choice for you.

Cloudy Toga 6019-1

This white washed wooden planks offer an elegant, and classic look. The Cloudy Toga features small yet attractive fine lines throughout the plank, which will help you open up any space a great deal, while adding a great texture to the space. These elegant cream white colored planks will help any room look larger in size, and is the perfect match for any home or office space.

Golden Apollo 6004-4

The Golden Apollo features a classic touch, and look to the place. As they feature a lighter shade of brown, paired with the perfect lines and additions of a wooden plank. These planks will help you add character, and make the place feel more open. These floors can be paired with any furniture setting, as they can easily support a modern, industrial, or traditional look.