WPC – Wood-Plastic Composites from New Centurion Flooring

We are the New Centurion Flooring Distributors, Co, Inc., located in Miami Florida, the door that opens new businesses to the world. We sell waterproof WPC Luxury Vinyl Composite Flooring Planks and all the respective moldings and accessories, but that is just our product. We are in business for two reasons, to help our customers and the environment.

We worry about our customers, they are our number one priority, and we always want to make sure they are satisfied. Our products and the prices are the best you can get around, as well as our customer services and conditions; you won’t be able to find anything similar.
We don’t want the environment to be harmed by any means; our philosophy is to protect the environment because we care about the future of humanity, and even though our products would be much cheaper if we didn’t care about the planet, that wouldn’t make us feel happy. We manufacture our products with an advanced technology and the highest standards of quality.
What we use in order to avoid pollution is the wood-plastic composites.

So, what is this? The WPC is a human developed material that is currently being used in plenty of applications of different categories, anything from construction to the automobilist sector. Even a typical, normal car has been made with more than 10% of these components. Our product is produced with recycled wood and vinyl. It does not have phthalates which is commonly found in vinyl flooring.

WPC is not like the rest of the materials, it is not just another material, it is the material of the future, and their components are more than a 50% recyclable. These products are durable, have a very good quality and do not harm our environment. We try to make everyone happy, to satisfy all of the parties involved in this.

This material is waterproof as well, so that you won’t have to worry about ruining it when you clean the floor ever again, and if you need moldings to complement your floor, we have a wide variety of them available in our website. http://www.newcenturionflooring.com
All of our products are tested; we test them in our factory that is located in china. All of our new products have to go through different procedures in order to prove their effectivity. We are constantly coming up with new formulas to make our products better and more durable.
If you are interested about knowing more about our materials, visit our website or contact us, we have plenty of data and information about our products and their components, plus, we have made a lot of different comparisons about what is trendy nowadays in this industry and which products are the most recommended.

You can obtain and buy our products that are distributed by our trustable authorized dealers, you can contact them or us for any question you may have. You can find all of their information online, in our website on our ‘where to buy’ section.

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