Why Vinyl Waterproof Flooring is better than Other Flooring

The flooring is one of the most important parts of a house or office. If you want your feet to feel comfortable when roaming around inside your property, then installing flooring is the best option. There is lots of flooring that can be installed on your property and one of which is vinyl waterproof flooring.

Yes! You’ve heard it right! Vinyl waterproof flooring and waterproof moldings are also available and you can find it at New Centurion Flooring Distributors!

Waterproof flooring is now becoming one of the first choices of every homeowner. Who would want to see their flooring get damaged by water, right? But with waterproof flooring, you will be able to keep your flooring away from damage since water cannot simply create a big damage on it.

Benefits of Vinyl Waterproof Flooring

When you choose to have waterproof flooring for your home or office, you are ensured with great benefits that you cannot simply find from other flooring. And having your WPC from New Centurion Flooring is the best answer!

Money saving

When you choose waterproof flooring, you can save money. You don’t have to change your flooring every now and then since WPC is the material used for waterproof flooring. Vinyl planks can last for a longer period of time which will avoid you from spending too much money on changing it yearly.

In addition, when you have WPC for your flooring, no high maintenance is needed which will avoid you from paying any maintenance fee. In order for you to maintain your vinyl waterproof flooring, you only have to sweep it regularly to avoid dirt from coming and also mop it afterward when spills or stains are around. You just did not save money from replacing it; you will also save money when it comes to its maintenance.

Water Resistant

What is good with vinyl flooring is that it is water resistant! You don’t have to worry when water is spilled all over the flooring since the water will not penetrate into the flooring which can be a cause of damage.


Vinyl waterproof flooring is comfortable to your feet. If you are used to roaming around your home barefooted, you don’t have to worry since this flooring will not make you feel cold underfoot instead it will let your feet experience softness.

Easy to install

When you have a vinyl waterproof flooring, installation is never a problem. You can even do the installation yourself but make sure that your subfloor must not be wet in order for the vinyl to stick.

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