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Every home owner wishes for the best and long lasting flooring option for their newly made home. Thou there a variety of flooring options such as hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles. These flooring options look elegant yet an expensive option. Moreover, Hardwood flooring can have scratches and water damage over the time. However, there is a reliable option for the home owners that can save both their time and money and that flooring option is known as Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Composite Flooring Planks. WPC Plank Flooring has many benefits such as long sustainability, less in price as compared to other options and most important it has 100% water resistant feature.\

At new centurion flooring, we completely care about the requirement of homeowners and that’s why our products are reliable, cost-effective and lasts longer. Our WPC planks have the features like stainless, mildew free & odor resistant. Our WPC planks is made up of thicker vinyl which is coated with think wear layer which assures that the product is of high quality and it is also approved for the high traffic areas. Our WPC planks are easy and comfortable to use with noise reducing quality. Therefore, there is an underlayment feature in WPC planks which is an additional option for the treatment of the WPC planks. Nevertheless, our underlayment option is not available with our Alexandra collection (5 colors and adding 3 more this year.

However with our new collection named Lucius (6 color in the making) will have the underlayment attached.

We are also adding new variety of products to our new collection such as Lucius collection , Quarter Round molding , WPC Outdoor Decking and different Planks which will give a look of marble and wood flooring options. The Quarter Round molding piece is going to be added in our molding collection. Infact, our moldings are waterproof and they are used for decoration and or transition pieces. We are also adding WPC Decking to our new collection which is used for outdoor WPC with UV protection.

Our new collection will hold some of the classy yet elegant colors and designs. After having a deep market research and consulting with our current dealers, we have decided to launch the collection with trending colors. We are adding new planks which will give a marble and wood texture look in different color tones. Our new planks will continue to have the measurements of 6.5mm with 20 mil wear layer – making it a commercial friendly and safe for kids and pets. Moreover, our mil wear layer is the best of high quality to ensure hassle free experience for home owners.

We also offer 3 additional treatments for our WPC back

  • EVA sheet (Rolls are stocked in our warehouse)
  • Cork sheet (This is for the special orders and it is available on requests for large special orders)
  • PVC sheet (This is for the special orders and it is available on requests for large special orders)

We are also replacing two colors from our Alexandra collection and it has now five new colors to the latest collection. The width of the planks in Alexandra collection is 7 inches. As far as our Lucius collection is concerned, we have added six new colors and will be adding three more new colors to the collection. The width of the planks in Lucius collection is 9 inches.

At new centurion flooring, we care about clients and that is why offer high quality products with exceptional customer support services. We also offer color match facility for those colors which are not available in our collection, however it is for big orders and for projects with large quantity. We also receive special orders or orders on request. For special orders we also offer additional backing treatment, otherwise known as underlayment, different size, texture and other features of your choice.

We aim to provide 100% client satisfaction and we provide exceptional customer care services to make our clients happy and satisfied. Our goal is to make the new centurion a Global WPC flooring brand.

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