Caring for Your WPC Vinyl Flooring: Less Stress and Easy Maintenance

One of the best flooring ideas you can ever have is WPC vinyl flooring planks due to its stylish look and easy to install characteristics. Not only that, if you are one of those having busy working schedules and get less time to maintain your flooring, this waterproof flooring is perfect for you. WPC vinyl flooring can give you easy to care steps for resulting to an easy, healthy and hygienic floors for under your roof.

So, if you’re planning on having a stylish yet easy maintenance flooring, go for WPC vinyl flooring from New Centurion. Today, this waterproof flooring has increasingly become more popular due to its added surface treatment. New Centurion Flooring (NCF) planks have 20mil wear layer making it more resistant to stains, scratches and with minimum cleaning as well as regular maintenance. Keep your WPC vinyl flooring look good at all times with these following cleaning tips:

Daily Cleaning

Although if you get less time, with just simple WPC vinyl cleaning steps, you can easily achieve an amazing look of your flooring. All you have to do is to remove the dust from the flooring using vacuum cleaner, broom or a duster cleaning cloth. This way, you will be avoiding dust and/or dirt to build up and it will be easier for you to maintain your clean and impressive floors.

Weekly Cleaning

If you are unable to clean your waterproof flooring on a daily basis, you may opt to do a weekly cleaning using a damp mop with neutral detergent and warm water. This cleaning process will help you remove all the dirt and keep your floor in an exquisite condition. Make sure not to use an over amount of water to clean your WPC vinyl flooring and keep in mind that light colors will need a slight more frequent cleaning.

Easy Steps How to Care for Your WPC Vinyl Floors

  • Use Low-impact Cleaning Techniques

Avoid removing away the dirt using heavy-duty cleaners. Simply clean your WPC vinyl floor with the use of the mildest method. Vacuum or sweep it every night or at least weekly. For spills, a more effective method, you can use soap, but ensure that it is specifically designed for floors.

  • Rinse Well

Soap can effectively clean your waterproof flooring, but it soap residue can leave a film resulting to collecting dust. Until your vinyl flooring requires a serious cleaning, you can stick to damp mopping with just the use of water. In case that you will need to wash the floor, you may use two mops, one used for washing and another one for rinsing.

  • Keep Dirt Out

Having an entrance mat will help protect against dirt and sand from coming in under your roof and off your luxurious floors, making it easier to maintain clean.

If you have successfully maintained your WPC vinyl floors, you can achieve a long lasting stylish and appealing flooring under your feet. Looking for the best selection of WPC vinyl flooring series? New Centurion is the perfect floors for you. As a dealer or retailer take advantage of our great pricing and great quality products and experience a distinct and stylish flooring to be displayed within your showroom. Want our planks under your roof? Contact us to find our product in a dealer near you. For more details visit or web page: or you can call us at 888-204-1936 or send us an email to and we will be more than glad to assist you and answer any question.